Before proceeding to the session, it is mandatory to sign a model release contract. It is a standard contract in the photo and video industry, which allows creators to distribute photos / videos that contain people or animals. It is necessary to sign this document before starting the photo shoot.


Here are some details about the legal aspect of using photos. As the creator of the photos, Bali Design is the sole copyright holder of these images, though you receive a personal license to print and enjoy these images. Here’s what that means in simple terms:


Share the images with your family and friends, by email, in person, on social media, in print, etc. Don’t be surprised though if photo labs ask for a written permission from the photographer (we include one when purchasing a high resolution digital file).


Enter your photos into contests without written permission from Bali Design, or use your images for commercial purposes without our written permission. That’s a big NO. Please respect our copyright, but print, use and love your images, which is why we created them, after all!